From Remote Stars: Buckminster Fuller, London, and Speculative Futures. Curated by Kirsty Robertson and Sarah E.K. Smith, forthcoming, Museum London.

Plastic Heart: Surface the Whole Way Through. Curated by the Synthetic Collective, forthcoming, Art Museums at University of Toronto.

“Secret Stash: Accumulation, Hoarding and the Love of Stuff.” Curated by Kirsty Robertson, including work by Germaine Koh, Allyson Mitchell, Payton Turner and Kelly Wood, with catalogue design by Shannon Gerard. McIntosh Gallery, Western University, Canada, February 28-April 6 2013 (with catalogue).

The Bookcase micro-museum and library, September 2014-2019, Room 221, Visual Arts Building, Western University, Canada (now hibernating indefinitely).

Part of my pedagogy includes curating exhibitions with undergraduate and graduate students. Here are links to some of those exhibitions.

2019-20 MCS4650 Together We Average As Zero

2018-19 A Museum for Future Fossils

2017-18 VAH4485 95% Invisible: The Art of Storage

2016-17 VAH4485 Protectorate 1: A Darker Side of the Moon.

2015-16 VAH4485 Cabinet of Shadows: The Reliquary For Lost Animals.

2014-15 VAH3385 Beneath the Surface: The Archives of Arthur Nestor

2012-2013 VAH3385 Famously Anonymous: Dafen Does Van Gogh

2011-2012 VAH3385E 42°59’81°14’: Mapping London’s International Legacy

2010-2011 VAH3385E (Re)Collecting Clark McDougall

2009-2010 VAH3385E Art.wav: A Sound Walk Through 1960s London





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