Protectorate 1: A Darker Side of the Moon

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Protectorate 1 was an exhibition curated as a part of the VAS/VAH4485 Museum and Curatorial Practicum in 2016-17.

Here is the exhibition description:

Since the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969, artefacts – ranging from flags and equipment to ephemeral footprints – have been left behind on the moon. NASA and a number of historical preservationists have called for the moon to be considered an international heritage site, effectively a “moon museum.” But who would control such an institution? Our exhibition explores this question. We invite you to tour Protectorate 1, a speculative and fictional installation on the moon. See astronaut footprints before they are destroyed, view an eclectic archive of lunar information, shop at the Galactic Gift Shop! Using humour to address a serious subject, Protectorate 1: A Darker Side of the Moon questions issues of space supremacy, celestial colonization, world heritage, and preservation.

The website and catalogue can be viewed here.

See some installation shots here.



About Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Robertson is Associate Professor of contemporary art and Director of museum and curatorial studies at Western University, Canada.

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