About Me: Biography and cv

I am Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Director of Museum and Curatorial Studies at Western University, Canada (London, Ontario). My pedagogy involves curating large-scale speculative and experimental exhibitions with students, work that I have extended into curatorial projects such as Secret Stash (McIntosh Gallery, 2013), Overflow (led by Eugenia Kisin, NYU Gallatin, 2019), and From Remote Stars: Buckminster Fuller, London, Speculative Futures (with Sarah E.K. Smith, Museum London, 2022). In my academic work, I have published widely on activism, visual culture, and museums, culminating in my most recent book Tear Gas Epiphanies: Protest, Museums, Culture (2019). My work on critical museum studies has expanded into a new project focused on small and micro- collections that re-purpose traditional museum formats for critical and politically radical projects. Since 2008, I have additionally researched textiles, the textile industry, and fibre-based arts. I have written on textiles and technology, on craftivism, and am currently looking closely at petrotextiles (that is, textiles that are made from oil and that disintegrate into plastic microfibers). As a part of this research, I am a founding member of the Synthetic Collective, a group of artists, scientists and cultural researchers working on plastics pollution in the Great Lakes Region. I am also co-lead on A Museum for Future Fossils, an ongoing project focused on responding curatorially to ecological crisis.

My full cv can be downloaded here.

Contact me at kirsty.robertson@uwo.ca

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