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2015-16 VAH4485 Museum and Curatorial Practicum: Cabinet of Shadows: The Reliquary For Lost Animals.

2014-15 VAH3385 Museum Studies: Beneath the Surface: The Archives of Arthur Nestor

2013 VAH2275G Art Now: The Ungovernables

2012-2013 VAH3385 Museum Studies: Famously Anonymous: Dafen Does Van Gogh

2012 VAH2235F What (Not) to Wear: Fashion, Textiles and Art

2011-2012 VAH3385E Museum Studies:  42°59’81°14’: Mapping London’s International Legacy

2010-2011 VAH3385E Museum Studies: (Re)Collecting Clark McDougall

2009 VAH3385F  Museum Studies: Heart and Sold: Consumption and Nostalgia

2009 VAH4477F A Stitch in Time: Textiles, Technology and Contemporary Art

2008-2009 VAH3385E Museum Studies: A Sound-Walk Through 1960s London

2008 VAH3392F Tangled and Warped: Textiles and Activism

2007-2008 VAH276E Canadian Art (Reframing Canada)

2007 VAH391F Art is a Hammer: Contemporary Art, Protest, Globalization

2008 VAH477G After/Images: Gender, Technology and Art 1900-1945



2016 VAH9585 Radical Museum

2012 VAH9556 Museums, Marginality, and the Mainstream

2011 VAH9500G Theories and Methodologies of Western Art

2009 VAH9544F A Stitch in Time Saves: Textiles, Technology and Contemporary Art (taught concurrently with VAH4477G)

2009 VAH9555/695G Economizing Culture



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