Washing the Dishes


Participant/interlocutor with Serena Lee. “Washing the Dishes.” What is Left? What is Right? Forest City Gallery, curated by Christina Battle and Jenna Faye Powell, exhibition Sep 8-Oct 13, 2017, event November 25, 2017.

Over the summer and in the Fall of 2017 I was a participant and interlocutor with artist Serena Lee for her performance project Washing the Dishes.

Here’s a link to the exhibition that it was a part of.

And here is a description of the project:

“Serena Lee presents an overhead projector animation introduction to her Doing the dishes project that helps to ‘describe an impossible scenario,’ one that imagines that we are all together in the same room, the mothers and daughters that she has visited as part of the project, and attempts to map it as a ‘family tree.’ This is followed by a conversation with Kirsty Robertson, one of the participants of Doing the dishes, as they work to bring shape to the project; how it was as an experience and how it might exist for an audience after the fact.”

Here is Serena’s website.

About Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Robertson is Associate Professor of contemporary art and Director of museum and curatorial studies at Western University, Canada.
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