Tear Gas Epiphanies: Protest, Museums, Culture


Forthcoming, 2019

This book considers protests at Canadian museums from the late 1980s until the present.

An early draft of the Introductory chapter can be read here.

Table of Contents


Preface: Tear Gas Epiphanies

1. Introduction: Museums, Protest, Cities

a) Art is Political: Carol Condé and Karl Beveridge at the Museum Threshold

2. A Short History of Protest at Canadian Museums

b) Sit-in at the Museum of Anthropology, 1980

3. Brokering Culture: Protest and Art at the G20 in Toronto, 2010

 c) “She Walked in and Removed Her Work from the Wall”: Artists Against Reed Paper at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 1976


4. Reactionary Protest: Veterans, the Canadian War Museum, Warrior Nations, and Anti-War Activism

d) Protest versus Controversy: Meat Dress and Voice of Fire

5. “It takes a lot of wrongs to make a museum of rights”: Shoal Lake Nation #40 and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

e) The Shut Down of the Lands Within Me: Expressions by Canadian Artists of Arab Origin, 2001

6. When the Land Comes First: Oil, Museums, and (Missing) Protest

f) Reversing the Flow: Yes Men Tackle the Canadian Government

7. Intellectual Properties: Real Estate, Occupy Vancouver, and the Vancouver Art Gallery

g) Wendy Coburn: Anatomy of a Protest



image: Occupy Vancouver, courtesy Wikimedia


About Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Robertson is an Associate Professor of contemporary art and museum studies at the University of Western Ontario.

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